Vision Pro: 6 things to know about Apple's mixed reality headset

Unveiled on June 5, 2023, the Vision Pro marks a historic turning point for Apple. What to remember from this mixed reality headset that promises the next technological revolution of Humanity.

Vision Pro: 6 things to know about Apple's mixed reality headset
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This is not an AR/VR headset

Apple does not want to hear about an AR / VR headset but a "space computer". Concretely, the Vision Pro is a mixed reality headset. Understand that it can immerse you in a completely virtual world or display virtual items in your real environment. Apple presents it like this:

(The Vision Pro is ) a revolutionary space computer (that) seamlessly integrates digital content into the real world, while allowing users to be present and connected to the people around them.

It's a gem of technology

Two 4K microLED screens, 23 million pixels, 12 cameras, 5 sensors, 6 microphones: the Vision Pro is a jewel of technology as Apple knows how to make them. And it can: at almost $4,000 apiece, the Pommé mixed reality headset contains the ultimate in technology available today.

To make this little world work, Apple relies on an M2 chip associated with a brand new R1 chip managing the sensors. For the software part, the engineers developed visionOS, an operating system developed exclusively for this product, inspired by decades of experience of iOS, iPadOS and macOS engineers.

It's a movie theater in your house

Among the multitude of demonstrations broadcast during the keynote, that of the video experience is among the most palpable. Thanks to the Vision Pro, the user can display a cinema screen in any environment, with spatialized sound and impressive image quality (according to Apple).

The Disney boss even went on stage to praise the merits of the product and announce a partnership with Apple. Disney+ will be available in a version optimized for Vision Pro as soon as the product is released. “The best cinema service in the most revolutionary product of the moment” declared the boss of Disney.

It revolutionizes work (maybe)

Another use that has made an impression: productivity. Apple released a video revealing the possibilities offered by the Vision Pro in the context of work.

Thanks to augmented reality, a user will be able to display several screens all around him and interact with applications that he already masters. Microsoft's Office Suite, Apple apps, Zoom, Webex, Final Cut and so many more will be available at the headphone output. The user can even display 3D elements on his desktop, according to his needs.

To interact with the different applications, several solutions: either combine a keyboard and an Apple trackpad, or use a virtual keyboard combined with touch interactions.

Beautiful promises that question all the same. The weight of the helmet being substantial, are we able to wear it for long work sessions? What about autonomy? Apple announces 2 hours with the supplied battery. Will the interactions be as fluid as with the classic Mac or iPad? Beyond the wow effect, is this use really relevant?

You can't afford it

Impressive as it is, the Vision Pro won't be available to everyone. Apple reserves its first mixed reality headset for the American market. It will not be available immediately: the brand announces the beginning of 2024 without further details.

In addition, its stratospheric price of 3,499 dollars (excluding taxes) reserves it for a wealthy public. Really fortunate.

He questions the future of humanity

Beyond technical considerations, the Vision Pro questions the future of Humanity. Like other AR/VR headsets, Apple's main flaw is to isolate its user.

Apple may have made efforts to keep in touch with those around you, once put on, the headset plunges into another universe. Above all, the uses are all designed for solo use. With the Vision Pro we work alone, we watch a movie alone, we play alone, we are alone.

Therefore, this technology (which in the opinion of the first testers is really successful), takes on a philosophical dimension. Ultimately, the real question is: do we really want a world where every human being is more isolated?

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