Tor Browser is available on Android in stable version, surf anonymously

Tor Browser is available in a stable version on Android. You can now surf anonymously and securely on your smartphone using the official Tor browser, which replaces the Orbot and Orfox applications that used to allow you to surf anonymously via the Tor network.

A few months ago, the Tor Project announced the availability of its browser on Android in Alpha version. After several weeks of testing, Tor is available for everyone on the Play Store in its stable version. This browser allows you to route your web traffic through the Tor network, which is made up of thousands of encrypted computers around the world.

Your navigation thus passes through several nodes of the network before reaching its final destination, which allows you to preserve your confidentiality while encrypting your communications, in the same way as a VPN. It also makes it possible to bypass any kind of censorship or geographical restriction.

Tor Browser is available on Android

The Android version of Tor is based on Firefox v60. Its appearance and the experience offered are therefore quite similar to Mozilla's browser. No need to install the Orbot proxy separately, it is directly integrated into the browser, making the experience even more ergonomic and similar to that on PC, Mac and Linux. Tor for Android has the same version number 8.5 as the one for PCs.

"Although there are still functional gaps between the desktop and Android versions of the Tor browser, we are confident that Tor for Android offers essentially the same protections as those you get on computers," says the Tor Project team in a note on the official site. At the moment, Tor is not available on iOS.

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