Temu: 3 things to know about this worrying cheap shopping site

It's a real box. Launched last September in the United States, the e-commerce application, Temu, has been available for a few weeks in other countries. It is already attracting a large number of consumers thanks to its enticing offers that defy all competition. Here are 3 things to know about this shopping site that is already overshadowing Shein.

Temu 3 things to know about this worrying cheap shopping site

A low-cost concept that seduces

This new site is managed from China while being registered in Ireland and the Cayman Islands in the name of the company PDD Holding, we learn from Le Parisien. The latter also oversees Pinduoduo, an e-commerce giant from the Middle Kingdom.

Let's say it straight away, the success of Temu is mainly based on a very wide range of products with very cheap prices. This is very successful for him, and the app already has 70 million downloads in the United States.

Wired has also conducted an instructive analysis on this subject. It shows in particular that Temu loses an average of 30 dollars per order on the American market. In all, the service registers between 588 and 954 million dollars of losses per year.

The idea is to impose itself in force on the various markets where it is established to outdo the competition. For this, it does not hesitate to force its manufacturers in the Middle Empire to reduce their prices as much as possible. It is very difficult for them to make a profit under these conditions, specify our colleagues.

Powerful marketing

And for anyone who missed Temu, the company does not skimp on marketing resources. Thus, French and American Internet users are bombarded with advertising for this brand where its very attractive prices are highlighted with promotions of up to 90%

Promo codes are also legion. As if that weren't enough, the service also promises freebies for anyone who refers newcomers. In short, nothing really new here, even if the old tricks of digital marketing are very well used.

Finally, Temu also did not hesitate to take out the checkbook to offer himself an ad broadcast during the last SuperBowl. The 7 million dollars spent on this 30-second clip will not have been in vain and they helped spread the message: “Buy like a billionaire”. We therefore promise the mode of consumption of the richest accessible at low cost.

Several controversies

Temu's lightning growth has not come without a number of controversies. Time, for example, noted dissatisfaction on the part of certain users who denounce too long delivery times, additional costs, or even order errors, and poor customer service.

Similarly, the Chinese equivalent of Temu, Pinduoduo, has been pinned in the United States. The app allegedly contained malware. He notably accessed biometric data, bluetooth, and information from users' wi-fi networks, reports Le Parisien.

Finally, this service, like its rivals Zara and Shein, is part of the Fast Fashion sector where it is fashionable to buy clothes intended to be worn only a few times. An ecological aberration, at a time when climate change is imposing a change in our lifestyles.

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