Is Hunter x Hunter manga coming back?

After its previous successes around the world, some news indicates that fans of the Hunter X Hunter anime and manga may soon be on a date with its return after an absence of many years and a long hiatus.

Is Hunter x Hunter manga coming back

 It should be noted that the latest chapter of the Hunter x Hunter manga was released in 2018 in Japan, but as a result of the repeated health problems that the author "Yoshihiro Togashi" was exposed to, he decided to stop working on the manga, which is the longest period between the previous interruptions, and perhaps the hiatus was An opportunity that Togashi took well to continue introducing new chapters in the Hunter X Hunter manga.

This news began to appear through an anonymous account on Twitter, which Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of the manga, confirmed that he is the owner of this account, through a tweet that was attached to a page image of the manga and contains a hint that the series will return with a sentence in Japanese とりあえずあと話。

 Almost translated in Arabic "4 more episodes at the present time".

 Although the exact account holder has not been verified, Yusuke Murata, author of the popular manga One Punch Man, claims that the account actually belongs to Yoshihiro Togashi.

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