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Gmail is about to get a makeover by integrating Google Docs, Meet, Chat and Rooms

Google is set to make a major overhaul of Gmail this year. The email service should integrate Google Meet on the Android app, but also Google Rooms, Google Chat and even Google Docs on the web version, according to recent leaks from Google's Cloud Next '20: OnAir event.

Gmail is about to get a makeover by integrating Google Docs, Meet, Chat and Rooms

Tahin Rahman - a software engineer at Infolytx - seems to have gotten screenshots from Google's Cloud Next event. These are previews of Gmail's new interface on smartphones and web browsers, which should arrive later this year. According to these slides, the web giant is planning to give Gmail a major overhaul by integrating Google Rooms and Google Chat directly into the Android and iOS app.

The Google Meet video conferencing service, already available on Gmail's iOS app, should also appear on the Android version. Google Docs also seems to be part of the game, but only accessible from the web version of Gmail, where all features will be placed in the left menu. A redesign that is both logical and welcome, since it will no longer be necessary to juggle between the different applications.

 A closer look at the slides shows that it will be possible to switch between the different services directly from the Gmail application. The Gmail application would now include four tabs, "Mail", "Chat", "Rooms" and "Meet", all accessible at the bottom of the app.

The Chat tab will give users direct access to the corporate instant messaging service, making it easier for colleagues to chat with each other. As a competing service to Slack, Google Rooms - only available to users of Google Business Accounts - will allow users to group in a team or project chat room, again directly from the Gmail app.

All of these features are expected to be announced in the coming days, with the Cloud Next event taking place from July 14 to September 8, 2020.
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