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Chrome 84 is available: Google finally blocks notification requests

Chrome 84 is available on Android, Mac, Windows and Linux. This new iteration has a lot of new features, including SameSite, an option that limits access to cookies. Above all, Google is finally starting to block all requests for intrusive notifications displayed by many websites.

Chrome 84 is available: Google finally blocks notification requests

Google has just launched the deployment of Chrome 84, almost two months after Chrome 83. First of all, the Mountain View firm corrects a total of 38 security flaws found in the web browser.

Chrome 84 declares war on cookies and requests for intrusive notifications
With Chrome 84, Google resumes the deployment of the SameSite attribute. Launched with Chrome 80 and interrupted following the coronavirus crisis, this new feature limits the cookies of a site to its domain name. By default, website cookies will therefore no longer be accessible to third parties, unless the developers of the site decide otherwise. In this way, Google seeks to prevent malicious actors from collecting cookies from Internet users. Cookies are regularly used by hackers to launch attacks.

Secondly, Google blocks requests for abusive notifications sent by many websites. From now on, notification requests will no longer appear in a pop-up window. Concretely, Google refines the interface that appeared with Chrome 80. In addition, Chrome 84 goes visibly further by blocking all notifications by default. The old iteration was content to adapt to each site based on your browsing history.

Finally, Google has managed to reduce power consumption, and pressure on the CPU, when Chrome is placed in the background. Only a minority of users will be able to test this feature from Chrome 84. The option will be deployed for all users only from Chrome 85, whose deployment is expected in September. Chrome 84 also marks the arrival of several APIs, including an API to improve two-factor authentication on Android. What do you think of these new features? We're waiting for your opinion in the comments below.

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