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Roger, Rafa and Nole have a WhatsApp group - this is REALLY going on in the "Big 3" chat

Rafael Nadal revealed the weekend before the ATP 500 tournament in Acapulco that he has a "Big Three" WhatsApp group together with Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. In an interview in Dubai, Djokovic confirmed the existence of the chat and stated: "A WhatsApp group? Yes, we do. Sometimes we are active, sometimes less so. But when we are, everyone writes. We get along very well with each other, we have enormous respect for each other in our private and sporting lives.

But neither Nadal nor Djokovic revealed what the "Big 3" write about together. But of course we let our contacts play and took a look at Roger Federer's mobile phone. This is REALLY going on in the chat of the three best tennis players of all time.

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