Windows 10: Your Phone will soon allow you to make calls from your PC

Windows 10 will soon allow you to make phone calls directly from your PC using the Your Phone application. At least that's what a leaker says, with screenshots to support it. The ability to make calls from the computer through your smartphone has long been part of the Apple product ecosystem.

You may already know the Your Phone application: it allows Windows 10 to support your Android smartphone more efficiently. A black spot that has always been in the face of the competing ecosystem: iPhones automatically communicate with all Apple-branded devices. It is also possible to make a call with your iPhone from the mac, send/receive text messages, make video calls...

Your Phone will soon allow you to make calls under Windows 10
However, your Phone is increasingly closing the gap under Windows 10 by allowing Android smartphones in particular to benefit from the same kind of ubiquity as iPhone with macs. But the application remains incomplete: for the moment, it is only possible to synchronize photos, and to send and receive SMS. Features for screenshot of the smartphone or synchronization of notifications are being tested.

Nevertheless, Microsoft is continuing its efforts to make Your Phone an even more complete system component than the Contnuité and Handoff functionality on iPhone. Thus we learn via the Ajith leaker's Twitter account that Microsoft is launching a first phase of tests around the possibility of making and receiving calls via your smartphone on your PC.
However, there is currently no indication that your phone and PC will ring at the same time when a call is received - just to let you pick up the phone on either one of your devices. According to the captures on his twitter account, it is more simply at this stage to let you make calls from your PC. For the moment, however, it is not known when this feature will be available for the majority of Insiders.

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