WhatsApp: soon a PC version that works without a smartphone

WhatsApp is about to become multi-platform with a fully independent PC version. This feature, which is one of the most requested by users, will allow the application to be used without the smartphone being switched on and connected to the Internet.

Initially only usable on smartphones, through the official Desktop application or through a web browser. This feature is already very useful, but it is accessible at the cost of a constraint: having your smartphone constantly on and connected to the Internet. According to the WABetaInfo Twitter account, which has already announced several WhatsApp features before the hour in the past, this constraint will soon be a thing of the past.

WhatsApp: the PC version would soon be running without a smartphone

The question now is how this could work. The smartphone is necessary until now for the simple reason that WhatsApp messages are stored locally and not on the servers of the email application. This prevents conversations from being accessed from another device other than by using mirror mode.

For a fully independent PC WhasApp, the application could change the way it works by allowing real-time backup of messages in the cloud, like its competitors Skype and Telegram. This would still be a major change that is unlikely to happen in the short term. The other option that is the easiest to implement is to allow the PC to store messages temporarily, even if it means synchronizing them with the smartphone once it is connected to the Internet.

These are the two solutions that are possible in our understanding. But whatever the method adopted, such a feature would be welcome, especially for companies that are increasingly using WhatsApp Business to manage their customer relationships.

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