Dangerous: The death of an Indian guy and the cause is the PUBG game

An Indian young man named Furkan Kureshi died in the state of Madyabadish at the age of 16, and the reason for this is the game "PUBG", which has spread very recently among young people in particular.

According to the young man's family, the death was the result of a heart attack after he continued playing PUBG for 6 consecutive hours.

His sister, who was next to him during the incident, reported that her brother was playing the game. Suddenly he began to scream and then wept and threw the earphones and the phone saying, "I will never play with you. I lost the game because of you"

He was then taken to the hospital to die, despite attempts by doctors to save him.

Parents should watch their children and urge them to stay away from such games. Even if they do not always cause a heart attack, they will certainly have an impact on their health, such as poor vision, inability to concentrate, and loss of time. To be only a game and has nothing to do with reality. Even if we can not prevent children from playing such games at all, at least reduce the time they use them.
So please share this news with everyone so that we can benefit and protect our children from the addiction to video games classified by the World Health Organization in the list of diseases.

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