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Android Q: first demonstration of PC mode in video

Android Q has an integrated PC mode that allows you to use smartphones as a central unit of a computer. Google had remained silent on this feature before discussing it during its i/o conference in early May. If you want to see what this mode might look like, a developer has made an interesting demonstration of it.

Android Q: first demonstration of PC mode in video

Android already replaces PCs for a myriad of daily tasks. There is therefore no reason why, unlike Windows or macOS ink, it is impossible to use the OS as a real operating system for computers. Google is already working on the Fuschia project to unify Android and Chrome OS.

In the meantime, Android Q will introduce a desktop mode that makes it compatible with PCs. At least, like the DeX functionality of Samsung's Galaxy, it will be possible to transform your smartphone into a central unit to use Android applications with the comfort of computer screens.

Android Q: this is what the PC mode looks like

So far, Google has not been very talkative about this feature of Android Q that has been spotted by beta testers. It was not until the Google i/o conference that we heard about this Desktop mode thanks to the instructions given to developers to optimize their applications. It is precisely a developer named Daniel Blandford who offers us a demonstration of this PC mode with the Android Q beta installed on his Essential Phone.

For the moment, the possibilities are very limited. We can see that the general presentation of the interface is generally close to Windows with a Start menu, a taskbar and an area on the far right where several icons are displayed, in addition to the display of the time and date. A container similar to the one in Windows 10 deploys when you click on the Start menu and presents a set of applications that can be dragged onto the desktop.

It should be noted that developers will be able to offer their own launchers for the Android PC mode, in the same way as alternative launchers on smartphones. In doing so, it is possible to have different presentations of the office, an example being the one shown in the video below. Developer Daniel Blandford took only three weeks to create it, for the simple reason that he has been interested in this feature on Android for years. In particular, he claims to have worked at Samsung on the DeX project.

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