His iPhone blocks an arrow shot and saves his life

An Australian targeted by an arrow shot was rescued by his iPhone, which took the impact in his place. His attacker, armed with a bow, would have hit him in the chest without the presence of the motive. 

The smartphone is a very useful product that has quickly become indispensable to 
consumers. Web, GPS, social networks, photo... our mobile phone can do almost anything. And an Australian citizen found another function for it: a bulletproof vest (or rather armor in this case). Indeed, as reported by the BBC, a man was saved by his iPhone when he was targeted by an arrow shot.

After the gaming screen that stops a ball, the iPhone that stops an arrow
The device blocked the projectile, which was moving towards the chest of the 43-year-old man. The picture above, taken by the local police, should be enough to show you the power of the impact. The incident occurred in Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia. The victim saw the assailant in the driveway of his home and tried to take a picture of him for evidence. That's when the arrow was fired.

The man armed with a bow and arrow was apprehended by the police. He is charged with "intent to commit a stabbing crime" and "assault causing bodily harm and wilful damage". Released on bail, he will have to defend his case before a judge on 15 April 2019.

This is not the first time that computer equipment has been abused by weapons in this way. We were also reporting that an MSI gaming screen had stopped a stray bullet. The brand had even offered a new screen to its owner after learning of his misadventure via social networks.

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