"Yellow Vests" now have their official application

The Yellow Vests now have their own Android application, GJ-France, developed by volunteers from the movement. This is used in particular to identify the YGs active in the field and their support, but will then make it possible to better organise demonstrations and draw up a list of priorities for demands.

As announced on the Facebook group "La France en Angère", a Yellow Vests application is now available on Android (and potentially later on iOS). Developed by volunteers of the movement, it currently has the main function of counting the number of active Yellow Vests in France. "By using this app daily you will be able to indicate when you are mobilized with other Yellow Vests. This will allow the media to be presented with a different source of information than that of the Ministry of the Interior to evoke the figures of GJ mobilizations in France," he explained.
An Android application for Yellow Vests

Still with the aim of putting statistics behind the mobilization, the possibility of giving its support to the GJs "in order to know in real time the number of French citizens who support the movement". It is possible to withdraw support at any time. It was said that the Yellow Vests were born on Facebook, this application proves that digital technology has a big part to play.

But in the long run, the app must be used for much more than that. The developers say that it will also be used in the future to help for a better organization within sympathizers. Among the features in preparation, "carpooling with other GJs", "hosting a yellow vest or asking to be hosted", "emergency solutions for an event".  This is for the field. As far as claims are concerned, a grievance booklet with a voting system is also provided, in order to be able to identify the most important claims of citizens.

link: GJ-France

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