Google would work on a dark mode for Android Q

More and more applications offer a dark mode. In addition to allowing users of these applications to tire their eyes less (especially at night), dark mode can also extend the battery life of some smartphones, since displaying a dark color instead of a light color can reduce energy consumption.

And currently, Google already offers dark mode on some of its applications. For others, this feature is under development.

But at the same time, the Mountain View firm would also be working on a dark mode that would be offered at the operating system level, a feature that would be similar to Windows 10 and MacOS for computers.

Android Q: a dark mode for the next version of the OS

While many models released in 2018 have not yet received an update to Android Pie, we are already starting to talk about Android Q.

According to an article in Android Police, a Google employee almost confirmed the arrival of the dark mode on Android Q, in a bug tracker of the Chromium project.

"Dark mode is an approved feature of Q [...]The Q team wants to ensure that all pre-loaded applications support dark mode natively. For the dark mode to be used successfully, we need all elements of the user interface to be perfectly dark by November 2019,"

In essence, it would be a member of the Android Q team, who would ask those who develop Chromium to make sure that Google Chrome supports the dark mode of Android Q before the release of this new version of Android.

Of course, for the moment, the tweezers remain in place. However, after this message (which dates back to October) was shared by a few sites, Google reportedly made it private, which means that at the time of writing, the message is only visible to Google employees.

As a reminder, the successor to Android Pie will only be released towards the end of the year. On the other hand, an Android Q beta will certainly be available in a few months.

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