Fortnite: Ninja made $10 million in 2018

We can say that the Fortnite game from Epic Games made the fortune of Tyler Blevins, alias Ninja. Indeed, thanks to Fortnite, the streamer has earned more than 10 million dollars in 2018.

There are many parents who will think twice before confiscating their son's console after reading these few lines. In an interview with CNN Business, Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, confided about his income and admitted that he had earned over $10 million in 2018... A figure he is not quite sure of and which should be higher. It must be said that Ninja has done well, (without making any pun intended) and collects her money in different ways.

It was obviously Twitch and YouTube that generated 70% of the player's revenue, as he has a large fan community on both platforms and broadcasts videos or streaming quite frequently. Moreover, his streams on Twitch are very lucrative, since they sometimes last 12 hours in a row, during which he receives advertising revenues, donations from certain players happy to have his tips and also via a $4.99 subscription.

Ninja has a community of 20 million people on YouTube, so each video posted is a cardboard box and its Twitch channel is followed by 12.5 million people. During his Fornite duet game with rapper Drake for example, more than 600,000 people watched the game live... Streaming is therefore a business that works for Tyler Blevins.

Ninja has other sources of income

However, it is not the only income of the latter, who has the intelligence not to put all his eggs in the same basket while surfing on Fortnite. Indeed, being an outstanding champion, with more than 5000 victories at the end of December, the young American negotiated a successful sponsorship with Red Bull, as well as with Samsung and Uber Eats.

He has also embarked on more unusual projects, with his clothing brand, which he sells on his website, with his logo and name in effigy. He has partnered with an underwear brand that markets three boxers "Ninja", has also launched a music album, which brings him money every time someone listens to a song, he has negotiated contracts taking advantage of his notoriety, in order to be a guest on television or radio channels...

It can therefore be said that behind this friendly player with sometimes blue and sometimes red hair, there is also a formidable businessman. With 200 million players, Fortnite will continue to attract more and more players in 2019, so Ninja's success will continue unabated this year.

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