Facebook is testing a new feature in its application: LOL

Facebook LOL is mainly aimed at teenagers and could allow Mark Zuckerberg's firm to win back this category of users.

Since Snapchat and Instagram have shared the podium of the social networks most used by young people, Facebook's number of users has dropped drastically in this very active segment on the Internet, which has grown with it. To counter this more than harmful effect on its statistics, the platform is currently testing a new service integrated directly into its flagship application: LOL.

While the reference to this acronym, which is widely used across the Atlantic, is obvious, the 
concept is a mix between 9GAG and YouTube and offers everything you need to capture the attention of your audience for a long time: it features memes, GIFs, and other funny videos. Media that are already on Facebook, but that would now be centralized in the same place.
How to take advantage of Facebook LOL

If you wanted to try to have fun with LOL before everyone else, you'll have to wait a little while. The functionality is only available for a few American users: it is still in beta phase, so it is not possible to know if and when it will officially be released

Like Lasso, who is stepping on TikTok's toes, this new feature in the Facebook application clearly aims to attract the large proportion of connected young people who have uninstalled the social network or who have never used it, and it is becoming more and more important!

If the most active people will not really see the usefulness of Facebook LOL, it is nevertheless interesting to take a look at its content with a keen eye, because it is possible that one day it will arrive on our French smartphones.

One of the major changes concerns interactions: we now have to choose between three proposals (Funny, Alright, Not funny). As for the media that are broadcast, the American website The Next Web calls them "old": understand that they seem old-fashioned, of the order of the seen and reviewed. Maybe this will change when creators have access to it

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