2019: Yubico presents a Lightning security key for iPhone and iPad

With the frequency of cyber attacks targeting online accounts, more and more people are opting to secure these accounts with two-step authentication.

Instead of being secured with just a username and password, accounts are also protected with SMS validation, an authentication application or a physical security key.

And Yubico is one of the main manufacturers of these security keys. During the CES in Las Vegas, the company presented a new product specifically dedicated to iOS and macOS devices: the YubiKey for Lightning.

Its particularity? The key has a Lightning plug that the user can connect to his iPhone or iPad to identify himself on applications compatible with the product

A safety key for apple bakers

"YubiKey for Lightning is a multi-protocol hardware authenticator designed with USB-C and Lightning connectors. By supporting the two most common connectors for Mac and iPhone, the new YubiKey for Lightning device is designed to provide seamless authentication on all compatible desktop and mobile devices," says a company statement

Bluetooth technology is generally used for authentication on iOS. But of course, this one had its hazards.

"The industry has come to see Bluetooth as the best way to connect with iPhones," said Yubico's Jerrod Chong, quoted by The Verge. "We felt that this was not enough. If you want users to overcome the obstacles associated with using a security device, you need to solve this problem.

However, the product is not yet on the market. But it is expected to come on the market later this year.

In addition to the key with a Lightning plug, Yubico also introduced a new key called the NFC Security Key, which allows you to authenticate on compatible devices using NFC technology

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