Parental control of IPhone blocks access to sex education

Parental control now in effect on IOS 12 prevents access to 
questions about sex education, while other racist and violent content passes through the cracks.

Originally, IOS 12 's parental control aims to limit several types of content so that young users cannot access it. In fact, the latter is responsible for protecting users of "explicit" and "adult" content, for example. However, Apple's filter systems are blocking some websites that may be useful to teenagers while some violent platforms are free to access.

Indeed, the Motherboard website indicates that it has done several researches showing that Apple's parental control was particularly selective in what it chose to show or not. The most compelling example is certainly the fact that the Daily Stormer Web site is accessible when the control is enabled. Relatively well known in France, this topical web site originates from the movements supremacists blanc and Nazi. Originally, the founder chose his name to replace his previous website, called Total Fascism. 

On the platform, minorities such as blacks, Arabs or even Jews are regularly insulted. In spite of these elements, parental control allows children and teenagers to access the Daily Stormer and articles explaining for example that women "secretly want to be raped".

On the other hand, a number of research related to sex education does not show any search results. In fact, it is impossible to access content corresponding to the queries: "How to Say no to sex", "Sex education", "What is a vibrator" and "Hotline for sexual assault". The educational sites Scarleteen and O. School are also blocked.

Andrea Barrica, founder of O. School explains: Not only do they not have access to medically accurate information about sexual development and sexuality, or they do not know how to report abuses, but they are told that this information Are dangerous. During this time, they are given access to the most virulent and inaccurate information about sex and gender on the web.

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