Facebook tests a Lite version for IOS

If you are using an older IPhone and you want Facebook to consume less mobile data and occupy less internal memory, you will be able to install the Lite version of the social network instead of the classic Version.

indeed, the number one of social networks is currently testing a Lite version of its social network for iOS.

To recall, Facebook Lite appeared in 2015. But so far, this lite version of the social network was only available on ANDROID. With this application more suited to entry-level smartphones and slow connections, Facebook wanted to offer a better experience for users in emerging Countries. But today the app is even available in France. And in addition to the lite version of Facebook, There is also a lite version of Messenger.

For now, this iPhone version of Facebook Lite is only available in a few countries. But as it did with the Android version, Facebook could deploy this IOS app globally, later On.
More and more online platforms are aware that their services are sometimes difficult to access in some countries because of the performance of the smartphones used and the slowness of the networks.
That's Why Facebook has developed Lite applications and why Google has developed the Android Go Ecosystem. As a reminder, this is a lighter version of its operating system for entry-level mobiles, and is accompanied by lightweight applications for services like YouTube, Maps or even Assistant.
however, so far, "Lite" or "Go" applications are mostly developed for ANDROID. But now Facebook also thinks of older IPhone Users.

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