Apple will unveil its iPad Pro and Mac on October 30

On October 18, the Apple company officially sent out invitations for an event to be held on October 30th at the Howard Gilman Opera House in New York. On this occasion, Apple should present the IPad Pro 2018 as well as new computers.

Several information has already fled, but the firm still wants to avoid that its surprises remain protected, so that it has chopped the URLs of the images present on the website conceived during the event.

 IPad Pro 2018, several novelties seem already known since the beginning of the month because of a leak. In fact, it seems that Apple tablets have several interesting changes. According to this information, the IPad Pro'll ship Face ID, technology already present on the company's smartphones since the release of the IPhone X. In addition, it is possible that the feature is available in portrait mode, which could mean that it will soon be the same on the latest iPhone. The arrival of a USB-C port also seems to be on the program, which would mean that Apple is gradually turning to the new standard. Finally, a side-by-side screen should make its arrival.

The accessories will also be highlighted as a new Apple Pencil should be unveiled, as well as a Magnetic connector, a new connector that would be installed at the back of the tablet. This tool would then connect other accessories, such as a keyboard.
In terms of Macs, Apple should turn to a new MacBook Air, a computer that hasn't undergone any major changes in a few years now. In fact, it may well be that the new device is loading a retina display, like the rest of the devices signed by the Apple brand. As for traditional Macs, they should have the latest Intel chips.

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