YouTube launches a feature to help creators protect their content

For creators on YouTube, there is nothing more frustrating than discovering their videos re-uploaded by other channels. and to help them protect their content from this form of piracy, the platform launches a new feature called Content Match. When the creator updates a new video, YouTube scans it and detects when other channels have put the same content online and then warns the creator in a new tab that lists these matches.

To be considered the creator of a video, you must be the first to have put this one online on YouTube. Then, if the platform detects a channel that has delivered it online, you have three choices: do nothing, chat with the channel that put the video online or ask YouTube to remove it. In case you request a withdrawal by YouTube, the platform gives you the choice between an immediate withdrawal or a withdrawal after a period of 7 days in order to allow the creator to solve the problem itself.

The content Match feature is reminiscent of content ID, which already allows some content owners to protect their works on YouTube. However, the platform ensures that Content Match "is a unique tool designed specifically for YouTube creators who have problems with unauthorized re-uploads."

This feature will be deployed by YouTube from next week onwards. On the other hand, to benefit, the creator must first have more than 100 000 subscribers on his channel. "As this is a powerful function, we will closely follow the use and continue to expand it over the next few months with the long-term goal of making it accessible to all creators of the YouTube Partner program," explains Fabio Magaina, Product Manager.

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