YouTube finally deploys its Incognito mode

YouTube would have finally decided to deploy Incognito mode on its Android application after months of testing. Like the private mode of Google Chrome, that of YouTube on Android allows not to record the search history and that of the videos watched. But some features, such as subscriptions, are also inaccessible when Incognito mode is enabled.

Although YouTube is considered a fairly secure platform, you may not want all of your activities on them to be recorded in your search and video history. Also, in order to meet this need, YouTube has been testing for a few months an Incognito mode that, like the Google Chrome browser, can hide activities.

YouTube has started to deploy this feature to all users of its Android application, on the latest version of this app.

when you want to hide your searches, instead of logging off or disabling the history in the settings, you just have to activate the new Incognito mode (press your profile to see the New button).

However, as with browsers, Incognito mode does not allow for total protection. On Chrome, even if you activate Incognito mode, your activity may still be visible to "your employer or Internet service provider". But if it's to hide unmentionable fantasies or your campaign a little too jealous that you spent two hours on your ex's YouTube channel, Incognito mode should already do the trick.

Of course, when you turn on this mode, some YouTube features disappear. For example, in Incognito mode, your subscriptions, Inbox and library are no longer accessible. And if you want to add a video to one of your playlists, you will be asked to turn off the mode so you can do it.

Finally, it is worth noting that YouTube's Incognito mode automatically turns off when you are idle for a while.

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