WHATSAPP now limits the transfer of a message to 20 contacts!

WHATSAPP has now decided to limit the "transfer message" function. From today, you will only be able to transfer a message, photo, video or GIF to 20 contacts at a time. To fight fake news, some parts of the world will even be limited to 5 recipients! Explanations.

"We are testing today with all WHATSAPP users a new limit for message transfer" explained the email application on his blog. WHATSAPP has also decided to delete the "upload" shortcut that appears on videos and videos.

Why WHATSAPP decided to limit the transfer of messages to 20 contacts?
In India, a market that has 200 million users, WHATSAPP has decided to go even further. "We will test a limit of 5 contacts for message transfer" announces the application. In recent weeks, WHATSAPP has indeed been accused by the Indian government of being used to propagate fake news.

In mid-July, a rumor about the abduction of a child provoked the lynching and murder of a 27-year-old male. Last May, 20 people were lynched after another rumor appeared on WHATSAPP. The government promptly asked the email application, owned by Facebook, to act. "We believe that this new limit will allow WhatsApp to remain what it is: a private messaging Application" continues the release.

In the same vein, WHATSAPP has recently put in place a new notification that indicates when a message was transferred. "Pay attention to what you share" already warned WhatsApp. What do you think of this initiative? Will it really be effective?

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