WHATSAPP: How to disable automatic download of photos

As a basic messaging application, WHATSAPP has become a real Swiss communication knife. After the updates, many features have come to enrich the user experience and this does not stop. The field of opportunity seems still far from having expanded. The application has also become the natural channel for exchanging photos, videos and other multimedia content.

If you are a member of several newsgroups, no doubt that dozens of more or less voluminous items come daily to the storage memory of your smartphone if the automatic downloading of photos and other files has not been disabled. This has a double impact: on the one hand, it's a lot of megabytes, even less gigabytes on your monthly Internet plan. And if the data envelope is comfortable enough to protect you from any worries, it is certainly not the same for the storage space that it, has an easily range limit.

How to disable automatic download of photos on WhatsApp

To prevent automatic media download, open WhastApp and press the three vertical dots in the upper right corner:
  • Go to "Using storage data"
  • Under the "Automatic Media Download" section, configure the option for all three connection modes (using mobile data, WI-Fi connection, and roaming).
  • Press each of them and uncheck the fields (Photos, Audio, videos and Documents) to disable the automatic download for the corresponding option.

As far as voice messages are concerned, WHATSAPP does not allow you to prevent their downloading, whether you are in 3g/4g, WiFi or roaming. Finally, it is possible to compress the streams during voice or video call exchanges in order to reduce the amount of data used when you are not in WiFi. Check the corresponding option at the bottom of the data usage and storage Setup screen.

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