Twitter suspends 70 million of fake accounts

Twitter is cleaning up its platform by suspending several tens of millions of accounts since May. And you obviously don't have to leave it at that.

We talked about it recently, the company Twitter INC has hardened the tone for a few weeks about the "fake accounts".

According to the Washington Post, it would be more than 70 million of accounts that would have been suspended between May and June. The American newspaper stresses that more than one million accounts would be suspended every day, since early May. With a peak in the middle of May that saw more than 13 million of suspended accounts in a week. This summer cleanup could be one of the factors in the decline in the number of active Twitter users.

Twitter is constantly fighting against malicious activities, whether they are the order of the fake news or the troll, or any other activities that can be harmful to the user and, therefore, to the company. It was on the occasion of the US presidential campaign of 2016 that Twitter put in place a stricter moderation. Indeed during these elections, many of the "pro-Trump" Twitter accounts were opened, most of them in Russia, and then relayed false information that sometimes put Hillary Clinton's integrity in doubt. This is where the stricter policy of these suspicious accounts came from.

These fake accounts are mainly used for spamming or relaying false information. Regulating these accounts allows users to be offered qualitative content, including verified information rather than mere unsubstantiated rumours.

Through this policy and this ant work, Twitter seeks to protect its users. The company defends itself by explaining that it does not want to censor anyone and says to seek first to take on false accounts fed by robots that share false information, trolls, propaganda articles... without touching the freedom of expression, which is The essence of any social network and of it in particular.

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