The Galaxy watch, a connected watch signed by Samsung

According to the SamMobile portal, Samsung would be on the verge of making a major strategic change. To support this assertion, the site is based in particular on a "Samsung Galaxy Watch" logo. A general knowledgeable Twitter user @Universelce goes even further and claims that Samsung would abandon its Tizen home operating system. Instead, it would return to Wearos, the system developed by Google, a complete change of course. The firm will also put on a battery of 470 mAh or even the measurement of the blood pressure of the user.

On the Samsung side, no confirmation for now and it will probably take at least the end of August to know more. A period in general chosen by Samsung to unveil its new models of watches connected during the IFA.

Information that in any case should generally confirm that there is no big revolution to predict. Samsung is probably looking to unite its different products under the Galaxy banner. A label that should be a little more talking and especially more appealing to customers than Gear.

What to get Samsung out of the niche market and finally come compete with Apple, the main player in the market? If the Swiss giants, watchmaking specialists are not able to do it, the task still looks complicated.

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