The name of Android P would be "Pistachio"

Like every year, Google has released a preview of the new Android grind before the presentation of the stable version, which will be done this fall. Currently, it is already possible to install the beta of Android P on a handful of models and for the moment, it is not known what dessert name this grind will carry. However, rumours are already going well on this name. And obviously, the probability for it to be "Android Pistachio" is growing higher.

Today it is the manufacturer Huawei that seems to have accidentally revealed this name. According to our colleague Phone Arena, Huawei would have recently referred to this name by accident when he was answering a question about updates to his smartphones.

And this is not the first time that no dessert name "Pistachio" is mentioned. In fact, in February, Bloomberg wrote in an article that in-house Google called the next Grind "Android Pistachio Ice Cream"

But of course, it's still just rumors. Google should reveal the new name of dessert when the stable version of Android P will finally be available.

it is already possible to test some new features of the OS of the Mountain View company thanks to the beta of it. Among these novelties are the redesign of the notifications system and an API that allows apps to manage multiple cameras. Android P will also benefit from new features against technology and application addiction. Currently, the beta of Android P is already very close to the final version that will come out this fall.

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