Tesla Internet connection will have a paying option for new customers

Since the first Tesla model S launched in 2012, all Tesla models are equipped with an integrated Internet connection, 3g and 4g. Tesla relies on this connectivity to publish software updates for its cars, as well as maps and live traffic data, auto-pilot data and streaming services. And even if it is still the norm for the owners of Tesla, this could soon change. According to our colleagues at Electrek, the automobile company will deploy a premium Connectivity package paying to improve the Internet functionality of its fleet.

In fact, it is not really a (bad) surprise. In 2014, Tesla had indicated that the Internet connections of his cars would be provided free of charge for four years until the end of 2018. We are almost there, and changes seem to be looming on this horizon, if we believe an internal email destined for the brand's commercial services.

Two connectivity option for Tesla from 1 July 2018

In fact, Tesla will propose two options: one, basic and free will continue to equip all the models of the brand, namely the model S, model X and Model 3 without time limitation. This version of the Internet connection will include the navigation system without access to satellite cards or live traffic data. Regarding the updates of the Tesla OS, which are usually also done by the cellular network, it will be necessary to use WiFi. However, if an update is security-related, it will always be available through all channels.

A novelty that should make its appearance on July 1st, but that will not change anything for the owners of Tesla or for those who ordered their car before this date: If you already own a Tesla or if you plan to order a model S, X or 3 av Ant on July 1st, you will never have to pay a single penny to access the Internet the way it is currently offered in Tesla cars. If you buy a Tesla after July 1st, you will have the choice between the Premium connectivity package or the Standard connectivity package.

Those who opt for the Premium Connectivity package will have access to satellite cards and live traffic, as well as to music and streaming media. The package could cost around 100 dollars a year. However, people who order an S or X model, or a Model 3 in high-end version on or after July 1, will benefit from a free year of the Premium option.

Tesla confirms that this change will apply to all markets or Tesla is present as of July 1 next.

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