Spotify also tests a Lite application for entry-level smartphones

In turn, Spotify releases a Lite version of its Android application to provide a more suitable experience for entry-level smartphones.

The list of lightweight Android apps for entry-level smartphones grows every month. And now, if you use these smartphones, you also have a lite version of the Spotify application for Android. It's pretty discreet this week that the streaming music giant has launched Spotify Lite on the Google Play Store.

Like other lightweight applications for Android, Spotify Lite does not have all the features of the streaming service. And if the app allows you to listen to music, access playlists, and use less mobile data, offline playback does not appear to be present. But since this is still a test, some features may be added later.

In any case, while the classic version of Spotify on Android weighs a hundred megabytes, Spotify Lite is only 15 MB.

The application is already available on Google Play Store But if you have difficulty downloading it from the shop, it is also possible to download (and install "manually") this lite version of Spotify as a file. Apk.

While markets like Europe and North America are already saturated, digital players are now turning to emerging or developing countries to find new users.

Google has recently launched Android Go, which is a variant of its OS designed for entry-level smartphones with little memory and computational power.

Android Go is accompanied by lite versions of Google services, such as Assistant go, Gmail go or even YouTube go. And on these mobiles, the Play Store highlights other lightweight applications like Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite or even Instagram lite. Now users of these Android Go smartphones can also download a Spotify application more suited to the characteristics of their mobiles. And thanks to this Lite version, Spotify can expect to attract more users from countries like India or Brazil.

It will be noted that lately Google has also invested in KaiOS, an operating system based on Firefox OS, but that is designed for basic phones. With this new partnership, Google ensures that its services like Search, Assistant or YouTube will be preinstalled on basic phones. and other companies might be able to step in.

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