Snapchat would work on a visual search engine, in partnership with Amazon

Snapchat would work on a project whose codename is Eagle and which would allow users to do visual searches, in order to identify music, objects, etc. And one of the partners with which the company would work would be Amazon.

This new project was discovered by an informant of the site TechCrunch who searched in the code of the application Snapchat for Android.

At the moment, we do not know exactly how it would work. But among the elements of the code discovered by the source of TechCrunch, there is the string "Camera Search", and others that suggest that once an object scanned with the search, it will be possible to share the song or product identified with an other user.

A line of code suggests that to use this visual search, the user will have to "press and hold" to identify "an object, song, bar code, and more!"

Another line implies that the identification on Snapchat will work by sending data to "Amazon, Shazam, and other partners".

Snapchat has (yet) made no comment. But in any case, by allowing its users to make connections between the real world and the virtual world (Way Google Lens), Snapchat could equip itself with a new weapon to distinguish itself from its competitors.

On the other hand, by collaborating with Amazon, the company could also find new sources of income through affiliation. In any case, these rumors would have already aroused the interest of Wall Street and the action of the company Snap was mounted after the publication of the article of TechCrunch, according to our colleague Business Insider.

Currently, Snapchat has nearly 200 million users, compared to one billion for Instagram. Recently, the social network has launched its platform to attract more users, and to retain those who already have an account.

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