Skype: Version 8.0 will allow to record conversations

Microsoft encourages users to install the latest version of Skype and presents new features including the one that saves conversations.

The Skype software is revealed in a more modern version and with new features. A grind imposed by the publisher that asks users to move as quickly as possible on version 8.0 by presenting its many novelties.

On the Microsoft Skype blog does not go there by four paths. While ensuring that it is important to update for reasons of quality and stability the publisher says that the version 7.0 of Skype Classic, the desktop software, will no longer work after September. So everyone needs to quickly switch to version 8.0.

The list of novelties is presented: HD 1080p video calls to several, media gallery exchanged by the chat, accused of reading or even private exchanges with encryption. The most notable concern is the ability to record conversations that will be stored in the cloud (online). When one of the correspondents begins to register an exchange the other participants are immediately informed.

The update of the Skype software can be done directly in the interface via the menu  "Help " and then  "Check updates ". It is also possible to download the latest version on the official website to install it. It will automatically replace the current version and the update process will retain all data including passwords, contacts, and conversation history.

On Windows 10, users will have the choice between using the universal application that is preinstalled on the operating system, and this version 8.0 of the computer client, which is available on the Skype website and which replaces the version "Skype Classic ".

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