ProntoShare: Share files without limits

ProntoShare is a new online tool to quickly and easily share your files. It is a service that requires no registration and allows to share all types of files, movies, music, photos, documents in a few clicks, without limits of size.

File transfers made with ProntoShare are secure and encrypted. You can use it in two ways. The first option is to send by mail: Once the file (s) selected for the transfer, you must indicate your e-mail address and that of the recipient and leave a message (optional).

The second option is to send by URL: Once the file or files selected for the transfer, click on the button  "Get link ": ProntoShare will create a sharing link that you can send by mail or display on social networks.

The files uploaded to ProntoShare remain online for 7 days. Note, finally, that this service is also available under Android and IOS with dedicated applications.

LINK : ProntoShare

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