One of the most difficult things that anyone who wants to create a blog or a new site is to choose the appropriate domain name.

Of course, we will select a domain name depending on the website ,we want to create, for example, someone who wants to create a site that urges the "blogger " and therefore the domain should at least contain the word blogger. But the word blogger is very consumed so we will choose a domain name close to the meaning of this word. 

The question of choosing a domain name that contains this word manually is very difficult so in this blog I share with you this site that helps you to choose a domain name for your site through a set of suggestions for the names that are available and not previously used.  This site is called Namemesh

We go to the website and write the name of the domain that we want to create in the search box for example I will choose( android) and then press generate

You will see a wide range of suggestions for available domain names from which to choose

You can choose the number of characters of your name domain, although this will give you less suggestions 

Then click on the domain and you can see the price of this domain on the 7 website Proposed by Namemesh 

LINK : Namemesh 

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