Microsoft prepares a VOD application on Android and IOS

Microsoft is preparing a new video-on-demand (VOD) application for Android and IOS in order to counter iTunes and Google Play movies. The giant already offers its movies and TV services on the Windows Store, but also wants to offer an application to access it from a smartphone. We do not know when it will be launched, the firm is actively working on it.

According to the Windows Central specialized site, Microsoft will offer its VOD, movies and TV service on the Android and IOS application stores. This service does not compete directly with vods platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video for example. Here is the question of payment by deed to rent or buy movies, series or TV shows. Microsoft proposes to pay for an HD or SD version, the price is more attractive in the second case. For the moment, its service is available on PC and Xbox.

The editor is looking here to compete directly with ITunes and Google Play movies. Users of the PC version will also be able to enjoy more simply the service with their smartphone just by connecting with their account. This initiative could also allow Microsoft to give more visibility to its service. 

Microsoft already offers some of its applications on Android, Skype, Office, web browser Edge, launcher etc... Microsoft's strategy is similar to that of Google, both companies do not hesitate to make their applications available on multiple platforms, the goal being to reach as many users as possible naturally. We do not know the launch date of the application, movies and TV that prepares Microsoft. Work is still underway, we should learn more soon.

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