LinkedIn wants to bury visit card with QR codes

LinkedIn includes a generator and a QR code reader on its IOS and Android applications, so you can pass visit cards.

The QR codes are not dated yesterday. But today, the professional social network LinkedIn (bought by Microsoft) finally integrates a reader and a QR code generator on its Android and IOS applications. And for the company, the time when you had to ask someone for a visit card is gone.

The next time you attend a conference or networking event, all you have to do is scan the QR code of someone to be directly in touch on the professional social network, without going through a third party service.

the QR code scanner is accessible from the search bar on the IOS and Android versions of LinkedIn. When you scan a LibkedIn code, you are redirected to the corresponding profile, and can then send a connection request. You can also find your LinkedIn QR code on the mobile application.

 Whether you're participating in an industry conference, a happy hour, a sales meeting or a social gathering, we know how difficult it can be to memorize names and exchange information in order to keep in touch afterwards. Connecting to LinkedIn is a great way to build your professional community, and we want to help you make it even easier for you, regardless of where these connections are, says Alice Xiong, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn.

 if you prefer old visit cards, you can always print your LinkedIn code to make it easier to find your profile on the application.

This new feature is being deployed around the world.

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