Instagram now lets you know if your friends are online

A new Instagram feature allows users to know if their friends are online or not

In a shared post on his blog on July 19, Instagram indicated that he was launching a new feature on the status of users. In January, the social network had already unveiled a relatively similar tool, in that it allowed users to know when their friends were online for the last time. In fact, the previous message displayed "online... minutes". The theatre was then accessible through personal messages.

As in January, the latest news of the social platform is accessible via private messages. However, the fact that the user is online will not be displayed in a simple text, but with the help of a simple green color lozenge adjacent to the photos of the respective profiles of your friends

In his ticket, Instagram specifies that it is only possible to see the connection status of "Friends who follow You" or "people to whom you have spoken in Direct". One point that denotes the fact that the social network does not want you to talk with new people, but rather to exchange longer with those you know. Although the feature is enabled by default, it is possible to change this setting in the settings so that your status is no longer visible to other users.

If the functionality does not seem to be a big change, it still marks a position of Instagram in favor of the systems already in place on Facebook and Messenger. The company says in his message, "talking to Friends" (...) That you love is more fun when you know they are there to see it» With this new feature, Instagram makes the choice to join the other two platforms for the benefit of the snapshot and the FOMO... that keeps people on the platform longer. A paradox when we know that the parent company of the social network tries to reassure users with tools for welfare.

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