HTC announces sales down 68% compared to June 2017

For HTC, the Black series continues! A few days after announcing major layoffs, the Taiwanese manufacturer lifted the veil on its financial results for the month of June 2018. Not surprisingly, the company's figures are very far from reassuring: HTC has indeed recorded a fall of 68% of its sales.

According to the information collected by  Reuters, HTC generated only 72 million million during the month of June 2018. Last year at the same time, the manufacturer from Taiwan had generated up to 196 million million. In May 2018, HTC had already announced revenues down 46% compared to last year. From month to month, the old Caballero of the smartphone world continues its tumble.

"HTC flagship sales have been much lower than expected this year," says TrendForce analysts, explaining this tumble. "Entry and mid-range smartphones don't offer enough novelties or a high quality price ratio to attract consumers," added analysts.

The release of the HTC U12 Plus, the latest high-end brand, did not allow the manufacturer to climb the slope. According to TrendForce's predictions, the releases of new HTC smartphones should also be scarce this year. In 2018, HTC should not produce more than 2 million of smartphone

In a desperate attempt to save the furniture and reorganize the firm, HTC announced the dismissal of 1500 employees, or 22% of its workforce. The firm, already reduced since the takeover by Google, only represents 5000 employees, notes the Verge. What will happen to HTC? Should the manufacturer withdraw from the smartphone market, which has become very competitive, to focus on that of virtual reality helmets, in which he excels?

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