Google tests a new design that looks a lot like the APP store

Google tests a new interface for its Play store based on the APP store, search results are now displayed as maps and not as a simple list. Few applications are displayed, but users can benefit from more information by having a preview of the applications with the available images.

According to the specialized Android Police website, Google is testing a new interface for displaying search results on its Play Store. Specifically, it is a matter of displaying the results in the form of "maps" and not just a list displaying only the icon, the name and the note of the applications as currently. These cards take up more places and display more information, including screenshots and the number of downloads. The giant seems to draw inspiration from his Apple rival.

For the time being, this new interface is not deployed to all users, so Google probably expects to gather notifications before a more important deployment of this novelty. So it is not certain that everyone will benefit someday. This interface seems more practical to use, but will force users to scroll more on the search results page to find their happiness.

Apple earns more money than Google on its Store, although the search giant counts 2 times more downloads on its own. Google is looking to optimize its shop to earn more revenue. What do you think of this new interface? Share your thoughts on this in the comments with the site community.

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