Google launches Titan security key, a USB key to the security of your accounts

Google launches the Titan security key, a USB key to protect its online services and ensure the security of your accounts.

Google is preparing to market a USB stick specifically designed to protect your access to its online services.
Convinced of the importance of good computer security and after extensive testing of all the solutions on the market, Google is about to market a model of USB key rather peculiar.

Named Titan security key, the next "Made in Google" USB key is made for computer security. Designed to protect your access to Google services, the Titan security Key has a firmware to ensure the integrity of your accounts and ensure security.

Available in several versions (a 20-dollar USB version and a $25 Bluetooth version), the Titan Security Key will help secure Google accounts with dual local authentication. Contrary to what is already done with double authentication by SMS, this method of confirmation is much more secure. Indeed, with dual remote authentication, there is the risk of being intercepted its messages if the hacker has duplicated your SIM card.

Responding to the standard of the Fast identity Online (FIDO) Alliance, the Titan Security Key will be able in the future to be compatible with all other services that choose to adopt this standard. Facebook is already on the case. The Titan Security key USB key is available to Google Cloud users and will be offered to the general public in a few months.

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