Google Drive will pass the billion users this week

The U.S. firm recently reported that its Google Drive storage and file sharing service was about to reach the billion users.

At the Google Cloud Conference currently being held in San Francisco, the company revealed that Google Drive, created in 2012, would pass the cap of a billion users very soon. Nevertheless, the company did not want to bring more details, so that this figure can be reached a few days, as it may have been exceeded in the night. The company nevertheless wanted to clarify during its announcement: "If you want to buy fireworks to celebrate, you probably have another day or two to prepare".

As TechCrunch says, it's been several months since Google has provided any figures regarding its storage service. In fact, the latest statistics date from the annual Google I/O conference held last year. At the time, two trillion files were stored on Drive for 800 million active users per day. It can be assumed that no figures were provided in the meantime since the firm was preparing to pass the symbolic heading of the billion users.

To date, Google brings together several products with more than one billion users. Android is definitely the first, where its search engine, its Play Store, YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps. In a few days, Drive will be the eighth product to join this list.

In terms of competition, Drive must rub to Dropbox, OneDrive or even Box. For comparison, the American Dropbox Service, founded in 2007, had 500 million users two years ago.

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