Google ,Apple ,Facebook, Amazon are not ready for RGPD

BEUC is a European consumer association that has resorted to artificial intelligence – from the sweet name of Claudette – to scan the privacy policies of Silicon Valley giants. We're not going to draw you a picture: it's not beautiful. According to the 80.398 words analyzed by Claudette, the AI of BEUC, there are a multitude of shortcomings in the legal terms and privacy policies of Facebook,
Google, Amazon and even Apple.
 In all, it is no less than 33.9% of the written terms that remain vague and that provide very little information on the use of our personal data by these companies.

The GAFAM are clearly bad students in RGPD. As soon as we start asking questions to our Silicon Valley dunces, it's glue. Where does our data come from? Who uses them? So many questions that bring so many wobbly answers.

In the realm of the rascals of the bottom of the class, everything refers to vague terms and conditions of use. Worse, bad students even show bad faith and prefer to kick the button to avoid answering questions. Don't want to share your data? All right, in that case you won't be able to use all of our features! Yes, but which exactly? Advertising on Google? We still do not know who is taking care of our data and what they are doing with it.

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