Goodbye Yahoo Messenger

Do you remember Yahoo Messenger? At a time when most people still connected to computers, it was one of the most popular messaging platforms. But with the advent of smartphones, and competitors like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp who had mobile-first customers, Yahoo Messenger experienced a decline. And today, the platform closes its doors.

The closure of Yahoo Messenger was announced in early June. We know that we have many loyal fans who have used Yahoo Messenger since its debut as one of the first cat applications of its kind. As the communications landscape continues to change, we focus on creating and introducing exciting new communication tools that better meet the needs of consumers, says Yahoo on his website.

At the moment, the company does not offer a replacement service. But she is currently working on a new courier service called Yahoo Squirrel, which is for the moment in beta and accessible only by invitation.

However, before finally closing Yahoo Messenger, the company had nevertheless tried to modernize the platform, launching more modern customers in 2015, then closing the old client Yahoo Messenger  in 2016. But  this was not enough to save the platform.

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