5 applications of the week

 we find ourselves to present our selection of the best new applications. They were carefully chosen by the editors Without further delay, here are our 5 applications of the week.

Instagram Lite

This is no secret, the Instagram app can be a resource-intensive one. As an admission, Facebook now offers on the Google Play Store a lighter version of its application (this is also the case for Messenger or Facebook). The application will be perfect for entry-level smartphones. Instagram is a lightweight application (573KB) and will work in principle with a 2g connection, low quality WiFi.

For now, the Instagram Lite version allows you to publish photos, watch stories and browse the page to explore the latest news. On the other hand, you can't share private videos and messages with your friends.

Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest is a new mobile title released by The Pokemon Company and already available for Nintendo Switch for some time. The Japanese company has finally launched the game on Android. Pokémon Quest is a very different title from what Nintendo has accustomed us to the titles of the saga. The whole game comes to life on a cubic island (in the style of Minecraft to understand) in which all the Pokémon have also been transformed into cubes.

The goal of the game is to capture them all. Armed only with a team of three monsters, you will have to tame all the wild Pokémon that you can find and complete the adventure. At the moment, only first generation Pokémon are available but we do not exclude the arrival of additional characters in the future.


Developed by Instagram, IGTV is a new video platform. Unlike Instagram where videos are limited to 15 seconds, IGTV offers the ability to broadcast videos up to 60 minutes. Another advantage, the videos are full screen and vertical, without black on the side. The interface is simple and modern. The content discovery is done in 5 ways: The use of the search function, the use of the category  "for you ", the tracking of subscribers, the videos highlighted by the application and the videos already started.

Football Cup Superstars

In this time of World Cup, the new games related to the world of ballooned round are raining on the Play Store. Among all the new games we have selected Football Cup superstars. This game of football offers quite original gameplay. You have at your choice the 32 qualified national teams. You then have to find international superstars, each with its skill and personality, and score the goal of victory. Simple, fun and free


Recommended by one of our members, Animaze is a small puzzle game where you have to release fences dogs, cats and mice. If at first glance, it may seem simple, you will have to be wary of not leaving too many dogs or cats together under pain of having to start again. Main complaint, advertising is sometimes a little too invasive.

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