Facebook saves your trips., how to clear everything

Facebook knows your moves thanks to the geolocation of your devices. And it is a history (on a map) using this data. But you have the option to erase everything in the settings of the social network.

If you use Facebook and do not take any precaution to protect your geo-location data, it is very likely that the social network will have a map of these moves in its servers.

The good news is that this card is not secret. It seems that all Facebook users have access to the map of their travels recorded by Facebook, as well as the possibility of deleting this personal data (RGPD).

  • To access your card, just open Facebook on a computer, log in, and then go into the social network settings.
  • On the left sidebar, you normally have a "location" link. Click on it.
  • Then click on the ' View your location history ' button

Delete the geolocation data stored by Facebook

Facebook explains that it "constitutes a history of the exact positions received through the localization services of your device". This data is of course not public.

And in addition to showing you your travels (dated) on a map, the social network also allows you to delete this information.

  • On the list of your positions on the left, you can delete the positions one by one.
  • Otherwise, you can search by date by clicking on the calendar icon at the top, right.
  • And you can also delete everything by clicking on the menu next to it.

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