Facebook no longer wants users under the age of 13

To register on Facebook or Instagram, it is necessary to be more than 13 years. Yet most of us know of younger people who are present on these social networks. It must be said that the security system is practically non-existent, but things could change dramatically with new measures in the future.

Today, just provide a fake birth date to register on Facebook when you are under 13 years old and settle the issue of banning. In order for an account to be deleted, it had to be reported by other users...

And even in this situation, against all odds, nothing was guaranteed! Moderators tended to ignore these situations according to a Channel 4 survey. They were even encouraged to act as if they did not see that the person on the account was too young for the social network. A new controversy that does not really fix the affairs of Facebook already in trouble in the eyes of the general public, parents and governments because in many countries like France, the use of this type of service is prohibited by law at least 13 Years.

As you might expect, Facebook and Instagram will now try to have a more pro-active role. When an account is reported for any offence, the moderators may ask the person to provide an ID showing his or her age and, if necessary, to block his or her account. However, it would not yet be to go and ferret out the accounts of users too young according to the American media Techcrunch. A daunting challenge when you think of the number of people on the social network (over 2.2 billion).

For Facebook, Beyond bad publicity, this is not at all good news. Indeed, this willingness to discard young profiles could make it lose even more space among adolescent profiles. A population that is very pleasing to advertisers, but who already has a strong propensity to desert the platform. Mark Zuckerberg and his teams are going to have to indulge in a funny balancing act to keep everyone happy and save his income.

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