Facebook authorizes certain advertisements for cryptomonnaies

Banned by all the giants of the Web at the beginning of the year, the advertisements for crypto-currencies will make a (shy) return on Facebook. The social network has indeed decided to regulate and control the announcements of this domain.

The cryptomonnaies, although they do not do as much news as a few months ago, still exist. And if most social media (Twitter, Google...) had made the choice to ban advertisements in this sector, Facebook has just returned to this decision. With some reservations though.

Although the interest of the general public for the cryptomonnaies is no longer as fervent as a few months ago, Facebook is not without knowing that this subject has a strong potential to be an interesting source of advertising revenue.

In fact, the social network has decided to authorise advertisements of pre-approved advertisers, in other words persons wishing to make available their knowledge in the field to the service of the interested parties. But the advertisements promoting ICO remain banned, because they remain speculative and present a strong danger of fraud.

In January, the company explained its decision to ban any advertising that would be close to or far reaching the cryptomonnaies because it would "improve the integrity and security of our advertisements and make it more difficult for crooks to take advantage of a Presence on Facebook ". But he also explained that his position could evolve over time as his ability to protect deceptive advertisements improved. Now it's done.

Facebook has developed a process of applying for eligibility to the advertisers concerned. The latter will have to communicate many details about their practices such as the licences they have obtained or if they are a publicly traded company. On the other hand, it is not clear if the Facebook staff checks this information on a case by case basis.

However, Facebook warns that the vigilance regarding these advertisements remains in focus, and that the company's staff is still working on regulating them. "We will listen to the comments, review the operation of this policy and continue to study this technology so that we can revise it over time, if necessary," says Rob Leathern, director of product management, in The Facebook announcement.

In the latest news from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), consumers would have lost 532 million in the first two months of 2018 due to cryptomonnaies-related scams. And the forecasts report more than 3 billion in losses by the end of the year.

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