Chrome on Android: Google will improve the performance and autonomy of your smartphone

The developers in charge of Google Chrome are currently working on an option to limit the energy consumed by the browser, report the experts from XDA developers. This feature will also save the data of your package. As we explained earlier, Google is working on a similar option on Chrome for computer.

When we sail on the web, we all tend to open up a multitude of tabs. We sometimes find ourselves fast enough with 5 to 10 tabs that remain open for no reason. These open pages in the background consume energy: to maintain an open-to-date tab, Chrome actually uses the resources of your device.

These tabs you don't care about reduce the performance of your smartphone's components, pump your terminal's battery power and consume even a portion of the data envelope contained in your mobile package.

In the future, Google Chrome will pause the tabs you haven't accessed for more than 5 minutes. These tabs are not closed automatically. Chrome will stop on the other hand to refresh them. When you return to a Paused tab, you will need to refresh the page.

There is no indication at this time that Chrome will automatically refresh this when you return, says XDA developers. It is not yet known when this new feature will be offered to all Google Chrome users. What do you think of the idea of Google?

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