Android: 8 Lite applications to install to save data or memory

If you want to save space or data on your Android smartphone, use the Lite versions of the applications.

  1. Facebook Lite: This is the lightweight version of Facebook. If all the social network features are not available on the app, it still allows for a basic experience.
  2. Messenger Lite: Messenger Lite was designed for entry-level mobile phones, but since March, the app still supports video calls.
  3. Twitter Lite: Twitter Lite is not an Android application, but a Progressive web App (PWA), a web app that behaves like a native application. This lite version of Twitter is available at the address
  4. Instagram Lite: With this app, Instagram is optimized for emerging countries. By the time I write this article, it is not yet possible to publish videos, nor to use Instagram's messaging on this lite version. However, the social network will add these features later. If you cannot install this app from the Play Store, a. APK version is available here.
  5. YouTube go: YouTube go saves mobile data, download videos for offline playback, and even transfer downloaded videos between two mobiles (via the app). If you are unable to install YouTube Go from the Play Store, a. APK version is available here.
  6. Gmail Go: A lite version of Gmail, which is not very different from the classic version (APK).
  7. Maps Go: A version of Google maps that runs faster on smartphones with limited memory (APK)
  8. Shazam Lite: A lite version of the music recognition app with only basic features.

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