Amazon becomes No. 1 and passes Google and Apple

Jeff Bezos, Amazon's boss seems to have found the recipe for success, because in a few years he will have succeeded in dethroneing Apple and Google the same year. The e-commerce giant has seen an insolent growth in its market value, which now puts it at the top of the Brand Finance 2018 ranking.

The last 6 years of the Amazon business are particularly flourishing with the boom of e-commerce and it's no surprise that Jeff Bezos's firm is jostling everything in its path including mastodons such as Apple or Google. Indeed, according to the Brand Finance ranking, an enterprise Wealth assessment organization, Amazon would now be number one of the stock market valuations in the United States.

There are several reasons for this rapid success and this ascent in the 2018 ranking. Apple has had a mixed year, but that's not enough to explain Amazon's place. The company makes good decision on good decision in its strategic choices and unlike Apple and Google, Amazon is putting big on other sectors than its own niche, thus offering important growth vectors.

In the case of Apple, the Cupertino firm has been investing massively for several years on telephony, so the iphone is certainly the most sold smartphone in the world, but this also makes Apple more and more dependent on the results of its iphone and fragile To the onslaught of competition.

Amazon is not a simple online selling platform as in the past and has proven that it can move to the other side of the market, as a producer of electronic products like its Echo range for example or online services, especially in the Cloud or streaming sector.

Anyway, the crowns of this ranking remain ephemeral, three years ago Apple was number 1, before falling by 27% in 2016, giving up its place to Google in 2017, and today it is the turn of Amazon. Looking at the top 5 values, one can see that an outsider goes back very quickly the ranking, this is Facebook, with a spectacular rise over a year more than 45%, rising from a value of 60 billion, to 89 billion...

Top 20 of the best US valuation of the Brand Finance 2018 ranking

For many years, the crown of this ranking was carried either by Apple or by Google, depending on the results of one or the other. However, this era seems well over and it will be necessary to do with Amazon now, which manages the feat between 2017 and 2018 to jump by 42%, from 106 billion to over 150 billion of valorisation. The e-commerce giant, standing right in front of Apple (148 billion) and far ahead of Google (120 billion).

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