WHATSAPP now allows you to hide your compromising photos

WHATSAPP now allows you to hide the compromising photos exchanged in the application at the glance. by this new setting, you will not find any suspicious photos received from one of your contacts in the gallery of your smartphone! How do you activate this new option?

According to the specialized site WABetaInfo, the 2.18.194 version of the Instant messaging application that appeared on the Google Play Store now offers an option to keep content shared within the application out of the gallery of your smartphone. The function also appeared in the latest beta of WhatsApp (version 2.18.199), assure our confreres of Android Authority.

How to hide the photos exchanged in the application of your gallery

There are several reasons for not wanting the photos or videos downloaded in WhatsApp to be found in the gallery of your phone. First of all, you might want to leave these private contents out of sight. Also, if you are part of many groups, the gallery of your smartphone will quickly be Filled by photos.

As WABetaInfo points out, you You can to enable or disable this function directly from the application and for each discussion. So you are free to hide photos exchanged on a chat WhatsApp and not on another.

To prevent shared photos on a WhatsApp discussion group from appearing in your gallery, follow the following manipulation:

  • Open the WHATSAPP application
  • Go to the discussion section
  • Click on a chat
  • Tap the name of the contact at the top of the screen
  • Click Save Media in gallery (below custom notifications)
  • Choose No

this new option only works with new files that are exchanged within the application. The old contents will not disappear. If the option does not appear on your smartphone, first try to update your WHATSAPP application. If no updates are offered, show yourself a little patient again. According to some testimonies, the option has also appeared on the IPhone.

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